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Feb 7
you burn me
yet you soothe my wounds with your words

i set you on fire
and then leadΒ you to the river

you are the flame
offering the light to find my way

i burn you
and abandon you in pain

you set me on fire
then hand me the oil

i am the flame
you try to escape

we destory
to build back up

together we burn brighter
our fire shining bloodred

together we create a flame so high
it swallows our surroundings

we stand in the middle of the ashes
and look at each other
a couple of days after writing this i talked to this person (who doesn't know about this) and they said to me: "we tear each other down to build us back up" - and we stood in the middle of the ashes and looked at each other
Written by
   Sobbingsoul and atlas
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