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Jan 31
There is no such thing as “normal”;
When you try to create “normal”,
“Normal” chokes everyone involved.
I do not think anyone can be “normal.“ because I do not think normal exists. It’s a construct that differs from place to place. What it means to be normal in one country varies from what  it means to be “normal” in another.

Normal seems to be a term that when applied to people it can be a source of torment. They strive to be normal or to be perceived as normal. The pressure to attain normalcy is high and it metaphorically chokes people; it impedes them from being & appreciating   who they are.
Guadalupe Salgado Partida
Written by
Guadalupe Salgado Partida  27/Seoul, South Korea
(27/Seoul, South Korea)   
   E Bhrèagha
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