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Jan 2020
My brain has been cursed,
you can now see,
The voices and screams are tearing at me,
Her fight at the tower,
A vertical hell,
She climbs over bodies,
drenched in their smell,
This pain it seems endless,
You forget how to think,
Your heart has been pierced
Your strength seems to shrink,
Yet she fights and she fights
for a better life,
She slices her demons,
she outlives her strife,
The question now is,
where is her heart?
It was grabbed by his hand
at the very start.
Now she begs
for it’s safe return,
But when she receives it,
She sees it’s been burned.
Forever branded with his powerful name,
He tossed one more trick,
Into his sick little game.
She cries to the heavens,
For just one more chance.
Like a deathly tango,
A murderous dance.
Yet she can not go,
Back to the start,
She can never ever,
Reclaim her lost heart.
Willow Branche
Written by
Willow Branche  29/Non-binary/Florida
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