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Jan 31
music does tons for me
negative plus positive
it can be both a coping mechanism
and a right ******, innit?
music can make me feel good
or pull this damsel outta distress
but it can also remind me of the better times
or remind me of the songs that remind of me the good times

sometimes songs i really like can just become inaudible without testing my health
being fine just
one week
and then changing when i stroll into another bout of
the same state of emotion as always

you're gonna be the one who reminds me of the cider drink
the one that i throw down my gullet to forget the good times
i aint the sharpest tool in the shed
and the world has certainly rolled me

when im with you i feel like i could die
and that'd be alright
i just hope i get to meet you someday
i really like Neil Cicierega
Sylvia Fénix
Written by
Sylvia Fénix  17/Trans Female/in the pines
(17/Trans Female/in the pines)   
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