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Jan 30
Yay I logged on..yayπŸ‘πŸ‘
Hello poetry must be
feeling much better!

Spoke to my daughter
today she’s seemed brighter , her
days up and down like

a yo-yo but more
uppy manageable days!
Being a mother

you just can’t help but
worry it’s called love πŸ’• Went to
the bank this morning

got there to early!!
Had to wait around for at
least half an hour!

Hey but that’s okay!
Caught up with my family
chat and had awesome

banter haha loved
it! You can’t let life make you
too serious you got

to laugh and smile and
be happy as much as you
can! Met my youngest

daughter , we had a
good chat then a latte..Yums 😊
Then home I went and

bumped into my
middle son , had another
latte! Where’s the toilet

urgent wee needed!
I love being a mum it’s
one of my best loves

of my life my heart
blossoms like big sunflower!
Back indoors I put

the dinner on! It’s
a beef stew and mash potatoes!
Then I heard the door

key and in walked my
husband smiling like always!
My heart still flutters

like a butterfly!πŸ¦‹
Loving his kind eyes and his
wonderful smile 😊

Checked my email and
received confirmation! I
finally have a

job interview! I’m
over half a century old!
Will I even get

this job! Three people
goner be interviewing
me!! Daunting yes! Jeez

what have I got my
self into! O but sod it
I shall just be me!

Then I went swimming
with my friend!! I swam like a
frog and managed ten

lengths!! Loving the pool
water , loving the sky blue
colour just like a

August summers day!
Then got the munches! I blamed
swimming for building

up my appetite!!
Now in bed watching Netflex!
What a lovely day😊😊😊😊

Wooooo this poem is
so long if anyone reads
it thanks very much πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸŒΊ
My day today xxxxx loving my family forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Written by
Donna  F
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