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Jan 25
Yesterdays were days I shattered.
I wake up to a question thats diffcult to answer.
A question we all ask.
Exhausted by my automated response,
I acknowledge I am wonder woman from birth and all restraints will wither.
No reason to deliver anything other.
So to answer your question. Yes, I am okay.
I wanted to inform anyone who may be prone and or fixated on what many call "proper english dialect/language" I am not a follower and I set my own standards. I strongly disagree with some formats of terms, pronunciation, quotations within our  americanize culture so I've decided to raise the bar by writing, describing, elaborating in a manner that is suitable to my experience and/or emotions. So as a notification to those that are subjected in the way of society mannerism in writing,speaking,thinking,dressing,smelling, feeling, walking lol I can go on and on how so many are subjected to the rubric that has been created to keep you all in check, understand anyone is capable of learning and implementing "proper English dialect/language". So check yourself before thinking anything other than I am phenomenal.
Yes, I definitely wrote YesterdaySSSS

As you were... 😏
Written by
     Arrow, Gerdlie and sehnaz khan
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