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May 2013
Eyes closed
Concentrate hard
Hold your breath
Count to three
Blow hard
Tickling the nose
Then taken by the breeze
To places unknown.
Easy things to forget
These wishes
Thinking back to times long past
Remembering these wishes
The anticipation and excitement
That someday, some how
These wishes were coming true.
Still doing the same
My eyes are closed
Iā€™m concentrating hard
Holding my breath
Counting to three
Blowing hard
Tickling my nose
Still taken by the wind
To place unknown...... But I'm still wishing
as a child my mam used to hold a dandelion for us to blow away the stems... always said they were wishes...saw them today while i was walking the dog...good to remember x
Mary Stanworth
Written by
Mary Stanworth
   Dag J
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