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May 2013
You tell me there are cosmic songs in my hair
Stars hiding in my eyes
You tell me my tricks won’t do
and burn through my cheap disguise
You tell me that my vision’s funny
my mirror’s not quite right
You say that my softest smile’s
your one and great delight

I’ll leave one day, you know that too
I’m too clumsy for this dance
I’m lugging round the kitchen sink
I’ll never give us a chance

You tell me that my skin is perfect
when it’s just hardly touching yours
I tell you that you’ll never get it
We’re lost on different shores

You tell me you’ve got plenty of bottles
Good for drunken misspelled notes
I tell you that you’re honest and pure
But that’s not enough to build us a boat

You tell me that you’ll fly to me
And take me high away
All the way up where the earth won’t care
Who I’d been the other day
Cara Anna
Written by
Cara Anna  New Joisey
(New Joisey)   
   ---, --- and Owen Phillips
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