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May 2013
The Universe
is a manifestation
of the Music of the Godself,
and I am a personification of that Universe.

Music is not my Medium; I am that of Music.

The Universe at any given time
is the "All-Chord" of that moment;
The Harmony of all that is,
implying a motion
forward in time
perhaps towards resolution?

Not if Entropy has anything to say about it,
which, by now, it certainly seems to.

What a queer Symphony is this Existence,
that implores Entropy to be Maestro!

A Babushka Doll Set of Paradoxes,

Anubis the Philosomancer
Written by
Anubis the Philosomancer  27/We're all a bit mad here.
(27/We're all a bit mad here.)   
   Vassana M and Pen Lux
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