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May 2013
Haitian Divorce

in the warmth of the tropical sun
sipping zombies by the Caribbean Sea
Samuel and Daisy fell in love
dancing the merengue

they fell into each others arms
an affair to remember for all time
they decided to get married
there just wasn't any other way

the bliss lasted for many weeks
the kisses grew sweeter it seemed
but out of the blue a comment was made
and the sniping got heavier each day

he would shout she would bite
it went on like this every night
until the kisses completely stopped
they had nothing more to say

it was so much more than thought
they decided to end it well
a little trip to the islands once more
hurry now no more delay

they raised their glasses one last time
there would be no remorse
staring out at the churning sea
they celebrated their Haitian Divorce

Gomer Lepoet...
all's well that ends well
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
       Sk Abdul Aziz, Hawa and Adreishka
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