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Apr 2013
Black blueberries buttoned by *****
Black blueberries buttoned by *****
This wasn't yours to loose
Nothing was yours to loose
Black blueberries backed by bench men
Bench men that sit on side lines
When will the golden moment be
To break through; proving themselves
Worthy of the benched boxes they be in
They believe in benevolence
Black blueberries  busting through my *****
Black blueberries busting through my *****
Better than bullets
Better than bullets
Better than bombs and turrets
Better than ballistic knifes and skillets
And arsenals of ignorance bettered with bills
Bills I pay to ensure my life is ready to die
Is it a matter of  our collective thoughts?

Those black blueberries are buried
And not because I am becoming a black blueberry I say this
But because life begins with black blueberries
Who all turn into nothing but pale *****
All conformed
Not to natural laws
But to the cognitive bacterial infection
Called education
Turning us to blue blueberries
Blue blueberries
And grand building bannered with *******
Black blueberries are bored
Black blueberries are right
Black blueberries are always right…
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
   Danielle Rose
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