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Jun 2010
Just after the Bar-B-Que and a cooling swim,
there is just on thing I want, on a whim.
Light and oh so soothing on your tongue.
A Parfait Cake with just a dash of ***.

Start with the bottom of a single layer cake.
Placed within a ring or on a parfait plate.
Then smother with sliced berries, firm and sweet.
Oh!  This is going to be a real treat!

Next heap on the pudding filling.
*** flavored vanilla is best for what we are doing.
Top that with cold fresh whipped cream.
Just a little more, go on, no one will scream.

Now gently place on, the top half of moist cake.
This is the crucial part, I should state.
After decorating with more berries and more whipped cream,
sit back and enjoy this dessert dream.
Paula Swanson
Written by
Paula Swanson
   Paula Swanson
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