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Apr 2013
Traditionalism is what they follow,
Prehistoric is how they live,
Caring none about real human beings!

They depend on human protection,
Yet they pray the lifeless idols & establishments,
Statues & religion they call them and waste money on them.

They would do their own important work,
Tell me to better stop writing these blasphemous poems,
Praying, remembering the lord & idol-worshiping is all they care about.

People like them won't donate directly to the poor,
They say that they put some money in the places of worship,
Idols - their idols is who they live for and survive by.

My telling this to my countrymen or anybody in the world is vain,
They would still go to on or more places of worships,
Think that it is not idol worshiping and again not serve the needy directly.

They can only criticize me for writing blasphemous words of pain,
They would even fight with or **** me if they got hold of me,
But they won't stop idol-worshiping and start serving the poor directly themselves.

A Messiah calls the idol-worshipers,
To avoid going to places of worship,
To come and serve the real world,
To realize that what you are losing,
To help you realize the value of humanity,
To make you realize the value of the real world.

If you're not scared of change then join me in this new religion,
Here we don't worry about God/Ishwar/Bhagwan/Rabb,
But we do things that make The Power Happy,
Do social service and cleaning their houses,
Help the needy monetarily/practically,
Instead of just donating somewhere,
Shun donations to the places of worship,
Go to the needy personally or parcel them happiness,
Make sure that the courier service/other establishment you use is 100% genuine.

Avoid those agencies who are supposedly in one of the common names of The Power,
Hire a company/firm to actually make your donations reach the needy,
It'll be very helpful for the humanity which is prime & real,
Try this by whatever methods you find genuine,
You'll feel yourself elated & calm,
Take my word,
10 Stanzas (including this) Advocating Why Theism/Idol Worshiping Is Not Always As Good As They Make It Look Through Their Words, Their Grandeur & How Your Donations Might Go In Vain Instead Of Reaching The Needy.
The Money You Donate At Places Of Worship Can Sometimes Fail To Reach The Needy.
I can only request you to get out and serve the needy by your own hands.
I'm now rendered disabled to travel to the city.
I can only try to say the words I have always felt.
I used to do as much social service as I could.
I surely going out today, take food for them & massage the legs of elderly lying on the platforms & footpaths.
I owe my life to the people, it was the blessings of the social service that I had done in my first life that I got this second life after the serious accident.
That's all I want to do - social service.
This is not sad at all, you'd agree, just too different from what you read daily.
P.S.: If there're no needy in close proximity, only then I'd suggest that you donated.
My HP Poem #196
© Atul Kaushal
Written by
Äŧül  29/M/Kärnāl - Häryāņā - Bhāräŧ
(29/M/Kärnāl - Häryāņā - Bhāräŧ)   
   Md HUDA, ---, ---, Hilda and Timothy
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