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Apr 2013
If we were ever to end up together

I would take you up to hawk hill

And say "look


This is the bench I always dreamed of you on.

See, this is where all the love poems come from

This is where I laid  down and pretended the back of the bench was your stomach and the wind was your hand

And the sun was you, all of you

But now you're here, and the bench can go back to just being a bench, and the wind can be wind again and the sun is the sun, whole and true and nothing but that

And while all these things are back to being themselves

You can be you and I can me

But we belong together, just 2 individuals

Isn't that beautiful?"

I would take you to my room

And say "look

This is where I always stayed up all night thinking of you.

This is where I wrote you all those letters,

And they're still there, under the mattress

You can look if you want"

If we were ever to end up together

I would hold your hand and smile

And say "it was all

A worthwhile wait

To be brought together

By the tender hand of fate"
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