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Apr 2013
Free-ee-ee caravan
Won't you join me on the free caravan?
Just let your hair down
Try, try to unwind
Please free your mind.

We'll go beyond the wind's domain
To find that dip in the ground
Where true freedom is found.
Feel your soul fly free.

Let's escape the confines of this caged life
Of ******* to banks, of toiling to work
Of rushing to shops, of accepting too much
Of just too much......

Gotta leave behind all the piling possessions
These things which steal your flight
Rob your sight
Increase your plight
Make you fight
Gotta seek what's real in life.

We see the landscape changing
Yet it's all the same
Age teaches us yet we learn too late
That your childhood is so precious.

So now, no more trudging, begrudging
Just flying free in the wind
Journeying to that dip in the soil
Where there is no more toil.

S T, 24 April 2013
Come, travel with me, we'll go together
Makin' and losin' friends: well, that's the price of change and growth.

[But please, don't yet climb that horizon. Don't go there alone.
Don't desert me here. Let me join you on the free-ee-ee caravan.]

The system kills.

Written in 2009.
Written by
st64  flaming arrow
(flaming arrow)   
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