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Apr 2013
when it rains
everything seems still
her body has the curves
of the grooves on wood
following the path of a moth
a woman
and three children
in a van
drop off phone books
and newspapers
onto front steps
at 4am
and it rains
nothing plays on their radio
she kisses them to sleep
β€œdon't worry”
and they're asleep
but the bills aren't paid
and the hot water
is turned off
the electricity
a boy without a home
grew up on the highway
the passing vehicles
the passing buildings
street lamps
rivers and lakes
streets and turn signals
were his
his television
When it rains
Everything stops moving
and breathes
I am still a boy
at twenty
When I can't sleep
I walk to the highway
and sit
the humming road
the humming 18-wheelers and automobiles
remind me of resting on my mothers heart
I drive to the city
To look at the buildings that are never asleep
To sit in wooden cafΓ©s and drink cheap black coffee
I am not a poet
Just a boy
Still on a highway
gazing at the world
these are my finger drawn pictures
on a foggy van window.
Written by
Savio  Kansas
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