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Apr 2013
it has been eighty-one days
since you spoke me to
(with the exception of the three hours
you used to make me more miserable
than I already was)

it has been eighty-one days
of punishment
though you refuse to admit
that punishment
is exactly what you’re doing

it has been eighty-two days
since the last time you said
that you loved me
approximately twelve hours
changed love to isolation

there was a bombing in your city
I risked contacting you
because I didn’t know if you
were injured, or possibly dead
because you are a stranger to me now

how dare you call me “love”
after you betrayed me
cheated, and lied
and blamed it on trust
and blamed it on me
told me that I am overreacting
over and over
that I am wrong
that I have always been wrong
because to you,
I am never right

news flash:
when you’re in love
Janelle Flora Viser
Written by
Janelle Flora Viser
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