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Apr 2013
Mr Ketchup Felt all alone Because Sweet Potato Face had gone to visit her Sister in Blue yonder valley, and Mr Ketchup needed to go Christmas shopping as it was so close to  December He really needed to get cracking
Mr Ketchup picked up the telephone from the small table in the hall, one of the legs from the old worn table became a bit loose and Oh dear Mr Ketchup hadn't been a ware of the wobbly leg becoming even looser. Just has he was about to pick up the telephone the cat became lodged in the middle of Mr Ketchup's feet and the leg on the coffee table gave way and Poor Mr ketchup went flying up in the air and
landed with a mighty thud on his face.
Some hours had passed and there was a loud knock on the front door.

"hello a voice required." it is Haggis and Neaps.
Lying on the floor in the hall way groaned Mr Ketchup, little did they know How long Mr Ketchup lay there before they arrived..
Haggis removed the key from under the roughened brown mat and put the spare key into the lock and let himself in with Neaps.
"What on earth has been going on here said haggis".?......
"I'd better put the kettle on, and make you a hot cup of sweet tea it appears you have had quite a bad shock with the fall."
"Now Now said Haggis do keep still so that I can control the bleeding
We may have to call a ambulance to take you to hospital"
"Oh please stop fussing," will you  am not going anywhere."

Well has you can imagine Mr Ketchup was quite a stubborn person
if he didn't want to do something he just shrugged his shoulders and simply refused to do it....
At last Neaps had made a brew and soon they forgot about the mishap.
they were planning next week to go Christmas shopping at yellow market
and for a bite to eat, but if Mr Ketchup has his way, he'd  not be paying for any of it except his Christmas shopping..

Finally Mr Ketchup felt much better, All morning he had looked for his wellington boots and his red  rain coat. He must have pulled out the whole cupboard of odd boots,     he stumbled across his   black wellington boots. At last he thought he counted all his silver coins, and he had twenty five pounds he put the cash into his pocket and quickly grabbed his coat and shut the door behind him.
At last Haggis and Mr Ketchup arrived at Yellow Market to do their Christmas shopping.
moments later Mr Ketchup picked up a beautiful locket for Sweet Potato Face, but changed his mind and bought her a neck-less instead, Meanwhile haggis waited patiently for Mr Ketchup to finish his Christmas shopping..

Oh bother replied Mr Ketchup as he pulled out empty torn pocket
and Oh Dearie me  all his loose silver had gone.
"Oh Dear what ever shall I do now I don't have enough to pay for the
rest of my Christmas shopping and what about my dinner, he sighed.? "
Come come now Mr Ketchup I lend you something until next week but please be more careful we don't want any more mishaps today, come and I will treat you to lunch this time."
Mr Ketchup secretly grinned to himself had he pulled a fast one just have to let you work that one out.....wont we ?
Rosalind Heather Alexander
Written by
Rosalind Heather Alexander  64/F/Edinburgh Scotland
(64/F/Edinburgh Scotland)   
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