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Apr 2013
Sweet Potato Face hurried back to the kitchen were she'd
had been so busy baking some cakes for Mr Ketchup's friends.
She carefully spooned out enough mixture for the fairy cakes
and laid them onto a baking tray ready for baking, soon the smell
of cakes bought Mr Ketchup through.
"My word something  smells so good yummy for my tummy.
When will they be ready to eat.? he said"
"Now Now Ketchup these cakes are for tea, don't forget Haggis and Neaps
are coming around at six for their tea and are bringing your cousin Torn Face Tomato I don't think that she would be very pleased to find the fairy cakes
all scoffed.
"Perhaps" sighed Mr Ketchup".
Maybe I'd better make myself scarce
That's a good idea take a nice long stroll along the canal it would do you
the world of good she replied.
A walk was just what the doctor ordered.
About time too I do need to take more care of myself he thought.
As my trousers are getting rather tight these days I need to stop eating cakes.
Mr Ketchup threw the backdoor open and off he trotted down a very steep hill.
At last he reached the woodland at the end of the canal he han't released how far he had come, puffing,  panting. like a dog he stopped to catch his breath.
and O dearie me he had forgot to change out of his slippers well they actually
belonged to his cousin Red Pepper she had left them there weeks ago.
Oh dear it is so muddy down here what ever shall I do now, I will be in so much
Trouble now perhaps if I just take them off and put these slippers into my holdall
bag for the time being.
Well Mr Ketchup hadn't quite got what he bargained for next.
The ground was sodden with wet mud, everywhere you walked, it felt like
sinking sad.
As you can imagine Mr Ketchup feet was rapidly  sinking into the ground
there wasn't room to move a muscle and just beside his left foot lay Ruby the Rude raspberry she looked like she was taking a mud bath she seemed to be
be very annoyed with herself for falling in the mud, But she tried to blame Mr Ketchup and he was only trying to help her and when he tried to pull her out
of the sinking sand he landed head first right in the ***** mud and he looked
liked a coal man ready to do his rounds in the mine.
"This is all your fault she cried."
I couldn't help but notice you hadn't changed your foot wear it made me giggle
so much I forgot about the muddy foot path.
"Aren't  they Sweet Potato.s?
"No not at all he replied."
Please don't jump the gun as they belong to my cousin Torn Face Tomato
if she finds out that I borrowed them and ruined them she will be so cross with
me, please promise me that you won't mention it will YOU !!
"Oh okay then she moaned"
I need to make tracks to get home and get myself all cleaned up before
Haggis and Neaps come for tea .
Both Mr Ketchup and Ruby the rude raspberry looked like a right pair of mud pies
What ever next they make a right pair.
Meanwhile the clock struck five and Sweet Potato Face began to worry
Oh Dear I do hope Mr Ketchup makes it back in time for tea.
Little did she know about Mr Ketchup encounter with Ruby the Red raspberry.

Just then Mr Ketchup flew in the door looking like a mud pie
He darted upstairs unknown to Sweet Potato Face and quickly had a shower.
" I s that you Ketchup she shouted where on earth have you been.?
She got us both into a bit of hot water with a muddy foot path.!!
"What on earth are you on about now Dear"
"Oh Look there is Torn Face Face Tomato you better get a move on before
she takes the huff. sighed Sweet Potato Face.
She was wondering how many mishaps would Mr Ketchup Have before
settling down to married life O dear Mr Ketchup Why is Life so complicated
mumbled Sweet Potato Face
Has She given up on Mr Ketchup...
Who Knows..?
Rosalind Heather Alexander
Written by
Rosalind Heather Alexander  61/F/Edinburgh Scotland
(61/F/Edinburgh Scotland)   
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