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Apr 2013
Don't always take the road most travelled
sometimes the best road to
take is the one most empty
and go to someplace new

Roads all have an ending place
And some of them are lost
Because people won't venture off
The highway, no matter what the cost

The road less travelled used to be
The place where people go
It's only taken by the locals now
Because only locals know

The best place isn't always busy
sometimes the best is in the back
Take the road where others go
And you'll never go off track

Hold the grass down, start a path
Make your own road where you live
You only reap just what you sow
so show me what you have to give

Travelling the popular road
You know the one you've done before
Makes you less an individual
And makes you lemming number four

So, blaze a trail, and take the road
That few have ever seen
You never know, you may end up
Where the grass is truly green

Lead people by example
don't just go the same old way
So, take the road less travelled
And have a road!!!
Roger Turner - Poet
Written by
Roger Turner - Poet
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