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Apr 2013
April air
her perfume
a little asian lady
looking at the flowers for sale
towers collapse
so do hands

April air
everyone's dead

A father and his girls
3 and 7
snow cones in the heat
as the workers
stand and sweat
spanish cigarettes

April air
his mouth is dry
pupils tiny
like the midnight sky

April air
I smelt her perfume
Watched an Asian lady
look at the flowers
that were for sale

Lets just
lay here naked
lighting cigarettes
like forest fires
we'll fall apart
in the Chimney
Holding the strands of your hair
on my face
as we make love

In a suit and tie writing down the
speechless things
of the sky
at the church with a pistol
in bed with shoes on

April air
her perfume
I passed her by
looking at the
garbage bag
in the tree

the leaf
stuck in a hubcap

the women
following their man

I got a call
from a payphone
in my dream

I'm over due
for a dream
said the ******* the other line
I remember
her hair was blue
she was
wet concrete on a summer night

My beard doesnt grow
Youth is at my window
knocking on the glass
for bubble gum
and mother's smile

April air
the night is
always Sunday

In the parking lot
of a supermarket

looking at the City
with 2 eyes

April air
the day is almost over

She was 16
I kissed her
red red lips

I am a bee
she is a rose

April air
Everyone's a fool
taking walks to the woods.
Written by
Savio  Kansas
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