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Apr 2013
Can the greatest of beings flee not the holdings of fate,
For it is but the mere faithful calling shall they await,
The inevitable fall of those hubristic ones must call a'forth,
As inevitable as simple creatures that a'fly south to north.

For even the greatest ship of such pleasantly mass can float not,
For even this awe-deemed greatness has fate inevitably caught.  
What was thou'st name; for I merely recall being Titanic it was?
Oh, and had they said the was the greatest luxury a'dear because,
Shall'st its crew be equipped with almost a thousand faithful men,
But yet can they escape not as the fated tragic fall commend,

Oh dearest ship and dearest lives, beware of the facades ahead,
A berg, is but a mere fragment above, but neath greater instead.
And shall has that inevitable meeting of dearest ship and ice.
Draw upon the fated deaths of those here with us tonight.

Oh dearest lives of thy dearest ship must thy drown a'sea,
Now let us question, how utterly cruel fate can truly be.
And dearest ship may your stern and bow touch lovely a'hand,
And drift deeply beneath the sea and thus forever strand.

Oh, and let the beacon flares alarm of those around,
As the oceanic grave drifts about without a sound,
For those who have lived are but now a'dead,
And those that survived are but widowedly *****.
And those who have had lovers or a closest mate,
Are but left with nothing beneath the wrath of fate.
A tribute to the tragedy of the Titanic and regarding the cruelty of fate.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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