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May 2010
It's in the blood and taking over, this feeling undefined.  Moving through veins like lightning.  Taking sanity in burning bits and pieces. Trading hope for function.  Stagnant and murky still seeking the sun.  Time stands still as it rushes passed.  The view eternally slightly askew seeing through those eyes.  Tainted and etched with salted tears.

Broken down and cracked
There's no shelter to be had
Time and space collide

Nothing left.  No hiding places.  Exposed to the universe, alone just the same.  Shoulders soaked through and soggy, gone to dry in the sun.  Far away, the sun shines brightly for them.  For those who think they are whole.  For those who feel the fire, yet are not burned.

Sulfur in the air
A storm of brimstone ensues
Hell is found on Earth

Feared by all. Belonging to no one.  Falling to the depths in isolation.  Longing to be enveloped without fear.  To feel warmth without heat.  To be wooed without woe.  To be naked, exposed, and free, no longer tethered by a past that was never meant to be.  Scars should fade but are still found bleeding.  The heart lies bare in exsanguination. The soul struggles to clutch the tiniest speck of heaven.

**Like a broken wing
Mended hearts may not fly, but
Love can make it soar
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