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May 2010
Foretelling the sweet aura of a dream
Signaled by the silent whisper of the southern winds
When all that counts is the smooth sail downstream
And a peaceable expedition upon the Sahara silky sands…
Nowadays a young voyager seeks to understand and affirm
The recourse being presented by this mysterious cosmos
Which stealthily conceals its activity like swimming *****
Pursuing its ambition surreptitiously to win the dummy run;
Searching, leaching and escaping the monotone matrix amid countless
Incidences of mystery that only point to infinite possibilities
Devoid of meaning to the ‘blind’ mainstream masses
Initiated into scripts they did not opt to engrave;
The vexed issue of priorities to save
This amateur spirit innocently postulating for pity,
Searching to find the obliterated Sovereign deity
Whose sacred truth is jam-packed with piety:
Imploring, musing and mulling over yesterday
To sequentially understand today and tomorrow beyond the unvoiced valley,
Ascending the irksome expedition to the mountain top
Were the most wondrous reality awaits this intellectual creep,
That the delightful fortune being sought
Is the world “With-In” and not
The world “With-Out”  

Muhumuza Kenneth Ezra.
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