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May 2010
If any one should wish to get “The Divine Kingdom” for “self”
And to effect this by what “self” does for the expected “wreath”-
He/She will not succeed at both.
The “Divine Kingdom” is a “Spirit like Thing” or path
And can’t be got by “active doing” in sooth!
He/She who would so win it-destroys it;
He/She who would hold it in his/her grasp-loses it

Who knows his “manhood’s strength”
Yet still his “female feebleness” maintains;
As to one “channel” flow the “many drains”
All come to him/her-yeah! All beneath the sky
Yet still many continue to ask of “The Void”-Why?
Thus the constant excellence retains
The simple “Indigo Child” again-free from all “stains”


The course & nature of things is such that-
What was “in front” is now “behind”
What was warmed anon-we freezing find,
Strength is of weakness on the toil;
The store in ruins mocks our toil
The soft overcomes the hard-
The weak surmounts the strong
And the “magnificent castles” are revealed from the “morning fog”….

Muhumuza Kenneth Ezra
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