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May 2010
Talk about an adventure
This is “Dragon Land”…
Here, “dragons” are not imagination…
They really exist…

If you don’t tame “the dragon in your adventure”
It will “eat” you…
And if you don’t “tame the dragon”
You get to fly on “its back” wherever you want to go….

There are many “swords”
But there’s 1 sword with such “Unbelievable powers”

“The Sword of Clarity”
We all have it but are “afraid” of it…
Some are not afraid of “the dragon”…
But they should be
Because “the dragon” has only 1 mission in mind: “Food”

If you are not careful—some of your “most treasured”
Things will be “taken away” from you
You are the “Protector, The Knight” in Shinning armor of this “battle”
You have the “Sword of Clarity” that can make everything right—
So why are you afraid of pulling it out?.....

Muhumuza Kenneth Ezra
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