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Jan 2020
Learn to listen,                                                                                    I listen,
Learn to speak,                                                                                   I speak,
Learn to resist,                                                                                    I resist,
Learn to admit you're weak,                                                      I am weak.

Learn to accept,                                                                                 I accept,
Learn to dream,                                                                                 I dream,
Learn to fight,                                                                                       I fight,
Learn to scream.                                                                               I scream.

Learn to appreciate,                                                                   I appreciate,
Learn to think,                                                                                     I think,
Learn to swim,                                                                                    I swim,
Learn to sink.                                                                                         I sink.

Learn to hurt,                                                                                        I hurt,
Learn to fly,                                                                                               I fly,
Learn to breathe,                                                                             I breathe,
Learn to cry.                                                                                             I cry.

Learn to forget,                                                                                  I forget,
Learn to be tough,                                                                       I am tough,
Learn to miss,                                                                                       I miss,
Learn to love.                                                                                        I love.

Learn to stand,                                                                                   I stand,
Learn to fall,                                                                                           I fall,
Learn to cope,                                                                                      I cope,
Learn to call.                                                                                          I call.

For                                                                                                             Help
I'm trying to move on from my former self.
Written by
   Katinka and ---
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