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Jan 2020
Anger calls to me
My own blood becoming a toxin
Pushing rage through my entire body
Im a berserker underneath
Always on the edge ready to explode
I want to ****
I want to purge this world
We are disgusting....
Why do I fight this feeling so much
I WANT to let it consume me
... hmm
Its because I know it would be easier
Easier than what . . . hmm
Fighting with love
Saving humanity from themselves.
Its easier to curse us then to love us.
Until I can do that I am weak
I see, no matter what you believe thats why Jesus made such an impact on the world. He was so strong he could fight withought war. Jesus, I will try my best to follow you. Im sure you of all people know how hard what you have done is. Blessed be your name, thank you... thank you for choosing love. We do not deserve it . . .
Written by
David J  20/M
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