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Apr 2013
While in my presence you think of a ridiculous photo of me,
I, however, when in your company I think of

How soft your lips are and
I like the way your mouth feels; the scent of your breath
You smell like my perfume, I hope I don't look too awful right now
Your hands are constantly on me, I've never liked that before, but I do now

"Maybe I do like you" are the sweetest words I've heard in months
I want this so badly, do you?

You are so lovely when you're under me,
I could do this for hours

I love the way you feel against my cold flesh,
Your skin is so smooth, your hands swimming laps on the skin of my back
No matter the film, I find them impossible to focus on,
I'd rather be learning the story of each of your scars

"Come here" you pull me close to you,
Arms around me, lips on mine, hands running wild, breathless
Am I lovely to you when I'm under you?

Do you see the vulnerability in my eyes and the way I sigh?
Or in the way I press my nails into your back and my teeth into your neck?
Sweet, sweet release.

More plans for the night are made, but we never leave the bed
Instead, I fall asleep to the rhythmic beating of your heart against my back,
*your hot breath dancing on the base of my neck.
Harley Rae
Written by
Harley Rae  New York
(New York)   
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