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Jan 2020
I finished a book the other day
It was a short story
And nothing really happened
Of note
Immersed in its simplicity
I was lost
My imagination leading me
I found a character
And it became my symbol
And I became it
Of course,
I found you in there
And I lost myself
In another
In a fiction
Similar to you
But not really
I wanted these characters
You and I
Symbols of the real
To be real
To be together
To be one in love with the other
So I kept reading
And nothing happened
And I know
I could have just torn the rest of the pages out
I could have rewrote the story
And these characters
These Personas
Would have found love
In my creation
I didn't
I just kept reading
To my dismay
They never did find love
Though I tried...
Though my character tried...
It was a simple story
And not much really happened
In the book
I could have changed that
I didn't

I finished a book the other day
And then got on with my life
Written by
mc6lm  Behind your eyelids
(Behind your eyelids)   
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