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Jan 2020
Hey you there!

I hope you don't mind vouchsafing some precious time to bestow a ******* reply to all my letters asking for the reason why constantly I devise plans to commit suicide? That I only smile nowadays to hide the fact that in this life, my happiness has been fully denied, and as I am tortured just like the Grand Titan Atlas, this suffering is based solely on my pride born from this wicked strife.

These False Prophets spreading poisonous lies of really being down for the ride, but once they escape my sight, they plot my demise. No longer will these tears fall from my eyes, and I stand even stronger though my back has been stabbed so many times that I had Excalibur fully revived from the knives left within my spine.

Using the blind as my guide in search for pieces of my heart so I can fully achieve peace of mind throughout this field of mines, and in the end, what has survived of my dying might over an eternity of miserable fights is forced to work the darkest of mines. Clawing my way to reach Heaven's merciful light, just to realized, it was only Hell's fire burning oh so bright. You see, the place where Angel's fly was never somewhere I used to fantasize about going to for I knew these Demons were ready to fry this pitiful mime’s soul just to quince their appetites, therefore when you get this, it'll be the final letter that'll confines the darkness kept deep inside intertwining with the words I write.

Oh God! Don't even try mimicking the skies as it begins to cry, because the casket I choose to lie in when I finally say my last “goodbye…” was built from every single alibi you gave me when these malicious evils began to materialize. It was YOU; I had relied upon to vaporize them at the appearance of their first signs, and my begging pleas, you would just undermine for they didn’t describe the delusions not seen in plain sight.

No there is no chance to rewind cause without me, you are reminded of the life that I had simplify. Now my ghost will haunt you as you walk the line, forcing you to be satisfied for your beautiful sacrifice forever lies in the dirt buried alive. May the Gods have mer-------You know what? Never mind! You deserve this Colombian Necktie that my rotting brain decided the dead should rise to ensure that you will die dangling in the night.

What a twisted little surprise, right? **** maybe I should just let loose my “Other” side.
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez
Written by
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez  24/M/75001
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