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Apr 2013
Tuesday morning, laying in bed
You've left me alone again
Rotting in a grave of the love we made,
I searched for you

And I wish I could say it was
But this is far from the first time,
That you've left me behind,
To wonder what it is that's wrong with me

You know, in the night
It's warm beneath these sheets but you're so cold
Inches away but miles apart,

I swear you wish I was her
And I just can't stand the way you speak
Always riddles I can't decipher
They drive me up the wall all I want is answers

I'm not as heartless and impenetrable as you think
I'm just a kid with an ego
The feelings I have, you wash them down the sink.
And I think I'm starting to lose myself in all this mess
Harley Rae
Written by
Harley Rae  New York
(New York)   
   Eliot York
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