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Jan 11
Isnt America supposed to be united
Yet instead over Iran we become divided
And that ain’t just it
Nearly every issue
we are split
Romans 12:5 says we are one
But you offend me so then we’re done
Jesus  called us to unite and serve him
To love our neighbors and not destroy them
But I’m not talking about our foreign affairs
I don’t have your political view
So you sit and glare
You preach about loving each other’s differences
But when my uniqueness offends you
Our friendship diminishes
Romans 12:5 says WE are one
But the we You see is the we you don’t want it to be because she’s telling the truth so she can set you free
Set you free from the ways that hinder you
You want to true love but when it finally comes you can’t see through
Through the veil that world has woven
You preach false love and we need to take it back to Romans
You know how to love from afar
But when it gets real and our opinions are different you say it isn’t love at all
Real love stays if you think abortion should be legal
Real love stays even if I’m conservative and you’re liberal
I was never trying to enforce my views
But if I can’t talk why can you
And I get it, often times people tell you to shut your mouth
But one isn’t all you said that yourself
But what do I know
I’m just white trash shoving the Bible in your face when I don’t know your place
But you don’t know mine either or where I’ve been
Yeah a lot of Christians are fake
But my love is  genuine
Written by
Ash  Texas
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