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Jan 11
Somehow, I get myself in these situations,
Where all of my efforts can end in stagnation,
But sometimes I manage to find inspiration,
In my concentration and intoxication,

I've had so much beer i should be in my bed,
But there's too much to think of,
It's all in my head.
There's ideas and there's music,  there's joy and there's death,
And there's realization that there's nothing left.

See tonight I got word that it's working for me,
My whole life is decided,  I know what I'll be.
I'll write and I'll speak,  I'll get high and I'll teach,
And I'll be grateful for every mind that I reach.

But I'll always remember the path I once took,
Before novels and poems and college and books,
I'll remember the streets in December,  '09,
When I hustled for China and needles and wine,
When I first learned this world had two sides to its face,
There's the side that you see, then there's one other place.
And it's dark and it's *****,  but sometimes,  it's kind.
It can give you that shelter you've been trying to find.

But now after living in both of these worlds,
It honestly hurts me to have to decide.
Because one path will lead to respect in their eyes,
And the other will grant me that sweet peace of mind.
I lived in two worlds. I have no regrets.
Kris Fireheart
Written by
Kris Fireheart  29/M/Texas
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