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Jan 10
Why have you made the nights your cloaks when the ground is better a comfort?
Weeping for what has left you for what is to stay to come.
Do you not see that dusk comes before dawn?
Why then do you trouble your heart?

You've flooded the Holy grounds with your tears and awoken the nights with your cries and fears, Seeking God.
Yet the ground on which you stand have refused to crumble but you do not care.
You've used too much words. Have you not seen now that it is not quantity, but quality that heavens first hear?

Is he who has made his desire his god same as he who has made God his desire?
Strip yourself off wants and put on contentment attire
Walk with faith and marvel at what you will acquire

I know you have stained yourself again. But come, this river does not run out of flow.
Wash yourself. It is not of ours to judge. Wash yourself till you become one with the river.
Drink from it and be pure of soul.
Drink till you get drunk in His Mercy

Jibril Abdulmalik
Written by
Jibril Abdulmalik  21/M/Nigeria
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