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Jan 7
Sun and Moon guide the way
Urban stars lead us astray
From the path rode in the day
And the one we walk at night

I know not much but I know true
When I was young and when I grew
Into the man my Father knew
Since before I was born

That no path I make is worth a ****
Can lead to any promised land
Our path is never what we planned
For that I thank the Lord

If I followed the paths I planned to make
A circle around a lonesome lake  
For no one else than my own sake
I would not have met my wife

I would not have grown and not have loved
No peace to me come from above
No guiding spirit, a snow white dove
To rest upon my shoulders

To light the path ahead

Now I have no plans, I simply do
What I know is right to do
I stumble yes, that is true
But I've learned to stumble forward

And stumbling is not so bad
When there's someone to pick you up
Hadrian Veska
Written by
Hadrian Veska
   Hadrian Veska
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