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Jan 6
So afraid to say what I don't mean,
That I sometimes end up not saying a thing.
Afraid I don't know as much as it may seem,
Afraid because I don't always understand the way I think.
I'm unaware of whom made these decisions,
The ones I find that I now live in,
Wake up the same but everything's shifted.
And the part I find most confusing is me,
How is it even I don't know what I need?
Afraid to write songs in case I write out of key,
Or sing the same thing on endless repeat,
Just playing through chords with no sense of beat,
Afraid to feel what I feel before knowing what I think,
To accidentally say what I don't really mean, and in doing so find that I can't trust a thing.
Don't get too close, but don't stay away.
And in all of it my dear,
Don't forget to be brave.
Because while yes it is true that I am afraid,
In bravery lies the strength to speak anyway.

I admire you.
The way you aren't afraid.
And have so much to say
and dance in a group and alone the same way.
You fascinate me.
Inspire me.
Intimidate me.
I heard you think I'm beautiful, but you don't show it.
Maybe it was a rumor, or maybe you've changed.
But I just wanted to say
I think you're beautiful either way.
Written by
Colette Alexia
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