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Jan 3
No sleep most nights
Geists wander my domain
Mentality heist
Somethin wrong up in my house
Personality changed
Inner beast roaring
Chained cage rattling
Battling my inner demon
Reaping lives
Weeping wives
Creeping darkness in my heart
Doctors say my madness
Is making me nauseous
Been feelin monstrous
Alotta **** contaminating my conscious.

Lately been feelin
Like a demons on my back
Heart turned black like the abyss
Reminisce times of love
Crossed my heart and hope to die
Frost encases my heart
Lost souls wander the streets
Hollow shell is all that's left
Followed the inner darkness
My persona switched masks
Midnight came out
Reaper of the night
Snuffing out the last light
Your life within sight
Became the moonlight walks in the park
Where dark hearts roam.
(Written in advanced for a web novel called Wolf King: Love That Transcends Worlds) As requested by the Author.
Written by
MartialPoet  21/M
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