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Jan 2
So get this.....
Its not like the're minds there
education and literacy excuse me, what's that?
can't wait till sixteen when they all ******* schools

Its not like there are grand aspirations
hey who cares, there's always the Dole or Shelf-stacking
just make enough for **** and the pub with my mates

Its not like they crave knowledge
who wants to know about Climate change or what
I ain't no scientist or ruddy philosopher or Doctor

Its not like they want independence and travel
No chance, we don't stray far from our roots
Majorca is enough, don't wanna learn bout other cultures
what history, what travelling experience, what world views!

Its not like they crave maturity
Hey, my pa and mum aren't even adults why should I be
I don't see any adults behaving like adults round me
we all muck around together, I tell my parents off all the time

Its not like we are not useful
we gang up and give those ladida elitist and Tory toffs hell
that's what we like doing, why should they be better than us
we harass them, stir things up, give them grief all day long

That's what the local Socialist Leader says it clever
he teaches us about Democracy, says we must hate them
for they stop us having more Welfare money and free things

Its not like they know any better
Adults, youths, child and baby, nothing really changes
we are born and bred here, we are loyal to our roots and birthrights
We will stir and stir and stir till we are Red in our faces, Simple!!
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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