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Jan 1
They said do not change seats on the plane

For we know your name and where you are sat

I am called Fred and I was sat in the aisle seat

I wanted to sit by the window and see the view

Especially as the big Boeing flying boat took off

The water looked so blue and lovely as we sped along

We took off and it was worth changing seats

The elderly man understood and changed

The view was awesome and to die for

The big engines pulling us along to the sky

When we arrived in New York Iā€™d tell my mum

It was Christmas and I had been staying with my aunt

The trip was six hours and I got to look out the window

I would get into trouble if the airline clerks found out

If we crashed and burned or eaten by fish

They would go off our name and seat number

Matching it up to our ticket and passport

I was too young to have a passport

But that was fine for we were safe in the plane

Boeing built big safe planes especially water ones

Just wait till I told my mum about the view

From our big beautiful Boeing flying boat...
from an old film
nick armbrister
Written by
nick armbrister  122/Two-Spirit/earth
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