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Dec 2019
I see expressions of people and sensing motions to hide,
natures reflections by images of an observing mind.
Some harsh landscapes, deserted dry plain,
or a suburban garden styled in vain.
Some are consumed by smoke and fire,
where others pounding like waves in righteous desire.
Tired horses one can easily see, paving the stony bill,
pulling the ideal reason up the hill.
Broken in freedom of limited free will,
struggling with the concept of being still.
When virtue like twilight showing the all one got,
keeping on wondering is it static or not.
The uniformed cloudy outfitted fear,
convenience makes that dress fit to wear.
Where honor and ego is calculated by the wind,
and young trees tied and pruned for life, to begin.
The right consequence as island of individuality,
taken the heart at ease by scavengers morality.
Color fields through the season,
same patriotic vulnerability and reason.
At places in time a strong Tree in graceful light,
creates a comfortable shade in pleasing sight.
Thanks nature and its unconditional light through light,
that some souls who know their purpose, get it right.
Passing celestial compositions in hues of transparency,
for generations to observe the texture of motions clearly.
Interpretations from seers have values of reflections to see,
all in grace and enlighten mystery.
Robert Rittel
Written by
Robert Rittel  59/M/Cape Town
(59/M/Cape Town)   
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