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Dec 2019
the ill-laden words are insignificant

t'is writers minds and souls that begets judgement

woes trundles forth from woeful inherent in maligned hearts

those basket cases with basket-full of inner miseries their wares

festering minds in festering vents projecting **** malaise


the galls of un-hued yet a-washed with stains shame murky deeds

sinners in the woodpiles setting flames to timbers and Oaks

their woes bellowing in cloudy white smoke-screens

spouting un-poetry of Armageddon happenstance

from minds where fear pain worthlessness

trashes primal cowards hiding their woes

as they crawl in judgement of those

in brilliance and Light
The most malicious god is the god of the counted chicken. — David Mitchell
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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