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Dec 2019
Im not buying the official 9/11 narrative and here's why.

If your plane is taken over by terrorists and you know you're going to die, don't you think somone on one of those four planes would try to get laid one last time? Why not go out with a bang?

And you know those middle eastern dudes are real freaks. The entire reason why they hijacked those planes was to get 72 virgins all to themselves. You know they would have huddled around and watched, creating an opportunity for someone to sneak up behind them and snap their necks.

It just does not add up, if you ask me. You're telling me not one chick was willing to take one for the team and get ******* by the Al Queda varsity team? And if there really wasn't anyone willing, then those planes did deserve to go down!

Someone could have at least tried to flash some ****. It even could have been some man *******. You know, try something. Right?
Written by
Izzy  under a rock, USA
(under a rock, USA)   
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