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Dec 2019
Remember the pain you felt?
Pure burning pain.
Pain that hurt so much you never thought it would stop.
The pain of your heart shattering
The pain of your heart losing someone they cared so much about
The pain of knowing that you might not ever get them back
Pure burning pain.
The pain that you inflicted on yourself because you saw no other way of dealing with the pain in your heart.
The pain that you were so afraid to talk about because you were afraid of what the people cared about most would say.
You were so afraid of them leaving you when all they wanted to do was help you.
They saw your pain they wanted to take it away from you.
But you didn't let them .
You gave in more and more to the pain and kept hurting yourself more and more
You couldn't anymore.
You gave in,
Asked for help,
You healed.
And sweet girl,
Guess what,
the pain has subsided
You are no longer broken,
You are no longer afraid,
You are no longer alone .
You are so loved
You are seen for who you are and not the person you were.
I've grown
hello again
Written by
hello again  21/F/oklahoma
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