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Dec 2019
Tonight my love, I seek out to fulfill my most passionate dream,
capturing your beauty with these words, I'm now penning this poem, for laying before my eyes, heaven has now been seen.

Thy locks of hair are finer than the finest feathers of all the flocks.

Thy eyes are diamonds that saw and found favor in thee,
my promise to you, I'll prove to you, just what you mean to me.

Thy lips are soft and taste so sweet, nothing in this world can come close to compare like when ours gently touch together and then slowly meet.

Thy ******* are well rounded and are so full of life, the love they produced sustained life, the perfect mother, my beautiful wife.

Thy hands move in such a caring way, forever will I long for there touch, each and everyday.

Thy hips have carried and brought forth fruit unto me, so deep the seed planted as were together joined as one, we will live on forever for you let me plant inside you, our very own, family tree.

Thy feet have walked side by side all along the way, never will we forget, for in all our hearts your nurturing memory will always stay.

For all that you are and for all that you have done, I just want you to know, I will always love you and you will always be... the only one.

(Curt A. Rivard Sr. 2014)

Curt A Rivard Sr
Written by
Curt A Rivard Sr  Connecticut
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