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Dec 2019
What am I to you but a body to control?
I am nothing.
I survive off of you alone
Without your thoughts I am dead.
Without your hands on me
To support my back I melt.
You hold my hips to
Keep my spine aligned.
You are my savior.

You are my protector
Except when you are too busy
To keep me on my feet.
Except when she is more important.
Except when it is not convenient.
That is when I am just another person
I am just another body,
Just another soul.
Just someone else to leave behind
Like the ****** wrappers in your car
After yet another girl loses her everything
To you.

But you remind me that I’m beautiful
After my shirt comes off and the sun goes down
People call it manipulation
I call it love.

You only tell me that you love me when
Your hand goes beneath the sheets
Or under my shirt
Or in my hair and around my throat
While we’re at church
I feel like a ****
But hey, at least you love me.

At least you love me
When it’s convenient
For you.
This was the last straw, Ashton. Jacob was right.
Written by
Kai  Non-binary/Drowning in thought
(Non-binary/Drowning in thought)   
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