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Dec 2019
They were once an innocent green
like seeds of other plants
small in size but big enough
to contain the wholeness of nature
tropical sunshine
fragrant soil
high-land breezes
but as the chosen ones
they are picked, washed, roasted
reborn in human civilization
In the hands of coffee makers
they complete a magic transformation
by bringing the chaotic unconscious of nature
into the human world ----
bright acidity
sun-dried aromas  
fruit flavors  
undertones of wine
as if the infinite wholeness of nature
falls into our coffee cups
trapped in the wondrous dark liquid
pressed into the narrowness
of human consciousness  
and explodes in us
an elixir almost
too strong for human bodies
unleashing a flood of energy that
tells us that…

we are more than we know
Written by
Angelica Liu
     Carlo C Gomez and Larry Marshall
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