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Dec 2019
What are you postulating?
I am flattered you went through all this to resemble, emulate and perpetuate my black history.
I have read this has been going on for centuries.
I am flattered you want to have a black face.
I know we are eccentric, have resilience and magnificent in oh so many ways.
What are you postulating?
I wont stand to believe its hate because originally it started as self distaste.
Bitter for reasons that are not logical.
Let's create a system that allows us all to relate.
I overtly over stand you want to have a black face.
This poem is for Everybody that has felt outcasted due to their appearance.Love your self, your roots, your unique style because that is what makes us beautiful,gorgeous, handsome. Please remember we are all one at the end of the day. May peace and love be with you.
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