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Dec 2019
Does History not tell the tales

of countless  talented strong Colossus'

who shake the falseness and shallow foundations of cadavers

and drive the searing torch of Truth into the innards of spawns

in hooded robes and hanging serpentine tongues ****** the earth

Is malice, invalidation and the circus mirrors of distortion and lies

your be all and end all weapon of choice as was your shamed kith
and kin

does blood on your hands re-write history on white pages in red stinking ink

while your septic saliva in Judas kisses glosses your heartless souls

in brown earth you meet your demise for your colorless crimes

at the banquet of history you sit with ***** hands and mouths full

your menu shows your diet of worms and slime in mud aspic

glazed glass eyes know they were never the first created

mere hybrids the sum of imperfections inherent

as with all your scribes duly mislead and fool

the Real God does not wear white robes

you do not know the Real God

You and all yours will answer

claim your ***** earth

your fates await

History knows
Neo-destroyers, they ***** the world, they buggered Africa, they shafted me, they are ****** you, your children, your minds and your lives. Sit there and enjoy your ignorance in entitled privileges oh Glass-eyed Rulers. **** is never white...!!!
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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