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Dec 2019
T'was the night before leaving
And all through the flat
All the creatures were creeping
Especially the rats.
The food was all stored
In the fridge with great care
For all the Cockroaches
Crawling 'round there.
The paint was all peeling
The mattresses stained
The children kept silent
For the Neighbors complained.
Their parents despairing
For what they would eat
No help from the landlord.
No family to greet.
For they were evicted.
Left out in the cold.
They'd sleep in their car
Which was rusty & old.
They are broken hearted!
Should this end as it aught?
Does this sound like
Your Christmas?
Of course it does not!
Please give to the homeless!
They live in all lands
But their Christmas is brighter
Due to your Helping Hands!
Your time's of great value
As is your wealth
But it's better by far
To give of yourself!
Pass out food to the needy
So they can sup
But don't give a hand out
Give a hand up!
The Bible sure tells it
It'll give you a clue
Follow the Christ
Do what Jesus would do!
But keep it a secret!
Don't broadcast to all!
God will reward you
For heeding His call!
You will have pleased Him.
Spread cheer all around
You will find up in heaven


Catherine Jarvis
Written by
     Lori Jones McCaffery, Shane and Crow
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